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A Special Event is any activity that will affect the safe and normal movement of traffic along public highways. Special Events can include bicycle or foot races, marches and parades, and festivals. They usually require the assistance of state, county, and/or municipal civilian and police agencies. A State Highway Administration Special Event Permit is required for events that will impact State highways. The application and its process are shown below


What is a Special Event? Any activity which may affect the safe and normal movement of traffic along the State Highway system, or which may require the assistance of local, county, state police, or the State Highway Administration. Activities such as parades, bike tours, races, fundraising or political marches, etc., require a State Highway Administration Special Event Permit.

Procedure: The event sponsor shall contact the appropriate State Highway Administration (SHA) District Office (see attachment) to obtain the Special Event Permit form. The District staff will assist the applicant in identifying the agencies and contacts that must also review the permit before final approval or denial is issued. Machine copies are acceptable when forwarding the permit form to various governmental agencies.

The authorized representative of the event shall complete the application form and attach:

1) A suitably scaled map showing all the roadways that will be affected by the event.

2) A written Traffic Control Plan (TCP).

The TCP should address specifically: ? How the event sponsor will alter normal traffic flow
? Will provide for the safety and needs of event participants ? Will utilize uniformed police officers and will include an estimate of the number of officers needed ? Will utilize Maryland SHA personnel and equipment and will include an estimate of the personnel and equipment needs. The TCP shall also include a route narrative explaining the direction of travel, lane/road closures, rest stops, etc. For racing events uniformed police officers or acceptable traffic control barricades are required at each signalized or STOP sign controlled intersection.

After completing the application package, the authorized representative of the event shall obtain local police approval. After receiving local police approval, the applicant shall submit the form with local approval signature, to the local Maryland State Police (MSP) barrack for approval. When/if MSP approval is obtained, the form shall be resubmitted to the SHA for Final Approval.

If the arrangements for the event are acceptable, based on SHA guidelines, the SHA will work with the local police and/or MSP, to obtain their concurrence with routing or closure, and the TCP. If the TCP is unacceptable, the event sponsor will be informed immediately by telephone of the reason(s) and given the opportunity to redraft the plan, time permitting. If acceptable to SHA and MSP, the SHA District Office will issue the permit to the sponsor with copies to the affected police agencies at least 1 month prior to date of the event.

Upon receipt of an approved permit, the event sponsor will advise the general public and local emergency services of pertinent details (road closures, detours, times and duration).

State Highway Administration Statewide/Mult-District Special Event Permit (PDF, 13.5 kb)


Multi-District Events Contact:
Office of Traffic and Safety
7491 Connelly Drive
Hanover, Maryland 21076

Statewide Coordinator Graphics
Rick Parks: (410) 787-5885 Joseph M. Zawadski: (410) 787-5882
Toll Free #: 1-888-963-0307 Toll Free #: 1-888-963-0307
Pager #: 1-866-950-0110 Pager #: 1-410-450-0460
Fax #: (410) 582-9469 Fax #: (410) 582-9469

For Single District Events Contact The Appropriate District Office, Mark Attention Special Events Coordinator

District 1 Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties
District 1 Office
Phone #: 1-800-825-4742
Fax #: (410) 543-6598
Frankie Bennett: (410) 543-6715
State Highway Administration
660 West Road P.O. Box 2679
Salisbury, Maryland 21802

District 2 Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Annes, and Talbot Counties
District 2 Office
Phone #: 1-800-637-9740
Fax #: (410) 778-0851
Nelson Lewis: (410) 778-3061
State Highway Administration
615 Morgnec Road MD 291
Box 299
Chestertown, Maryland 21620

District 3 Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties
District 3 Office
Phone #: 1-800-749-0737
Fax #: (301) 513-7415
Mark Shaffer: (301) 513-7399
State Highway Administration
9300 Kenilworth Avenue
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

District 4 Baltimore, and Harford Counties
District 4 Office
Phone #: (410) 321-2790
Fax #: 1-800-962-3077
John Vananzo: (410) 321-2798
State Highway Administration
2323 West Joppa Road
Lutherville, MD 21093

District 5 Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, and Saint Marys Counties
District 5 Office
Phone #: 1-800-331-5603
Fax #: (410) 841-5309
Kathryn Knowlton: (410) 841-1003
Greg Phillips: (410) 841-1003
State Highway Administration
138 Defense Highway
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

District 6 Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties
District 6 Office
Phone #: 1-800-760-7138
Fax #: (301) 729-6968
John Powell: (301) 729-8443
State Highway Administration
1251 Vocke Road
La Vale, Maryland 21502

District 7 Carroll, Frederick, and Howard Counties
District 7 Office
Phone #: 1-800-635-5119
Fax #: (301) 624-8169
Neil Parrott: (301) 624-8140
State Highway Administration
5111 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, Maryland 21704

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