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Byron Overlook - Environmentally Friendly Welcome Center

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Existing Overlook

Goodloe Byron Scenic Overlook overlooks the Monocacy National Battlefield to the north and west and the City of Frederick to the far north. The site consists of parking for passenger and recreational vehicles and an overlook for visitors to take in the views of the surrounding countryside. Commercial trucks are prohibited at the facility.

Byron Overlook is located on northbound I-270 just south of Monocacy National Battlefield. Picture shows site location and aerial photo.

Planned Improvements

The planned improvements are for a self-sustaining welcome center with rest room facilities that will serve two main functions;

1. Provide information to travelers about the natural, cultural and related resources in Western Maryland and

2. Showcase alternative energy, water supply and wastewater treatment technologies, to educate the general public on energy conservation.


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