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I 70 Improvement Projects
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Project Phasing Map
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Interstate 70 (I-70) is the major east-west corridor connecting Western Maryland and Pennsylvania to the major metropolitan areas of Baltimore. I-70 connects with I-270, in the primary access to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It also serves as the primary access route for recreational trips to the istoric and scenic attractions in the Frederick, Maryland area. In addition to regional through traffic, I-270 also serves as a local connector to communities and businesses along the corridor.

The section of I-70 through Frederick was originally constructed as US 40 Relocated, the Frederick Bypass, and is geometrically substandard compared with current interstate design requirements.

Project Planning studies were initiated in May 1978 to determine feasibility, necessary safety, and operational improvement requirements and include the investigation of providing missing movements at the US 15/ 340 interchange and at the I -270 interchange. Improvements to the MD 355 and I-70 interchange and reconfiguration of the Reich's Ford Road and I-70 interchange were also considered.

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