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MD 216 Relocated between US 29 and I-95

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The Project

Proposed Roadway Relocation (continued)

As displayed in the roadway sections, the entire corridor between US 29 and I-95 will have bicycle-compatible curb lanes. Additional turn lanes will be provided at the signalized intersections at Crest Road and Leishear Road. Noise walls are proposed along the north and south side of relocated MD 216 and a five-foot sidewalk is proposed on the north. The project elements are highlighted below in the aerial mapping of the MD 216 corridor.

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In addition to these improvements the southbound I-95 ramp to westbound MD 216 will be relocated slightly to the east and an auxiliary lane is proposed along westbound MD 216 from the ramp to the future Skylark Boulevard intersection. These improvements are associated with the development of the Key Property in the northeast and northwest quadrants of the I-95/MD 216 interchange, and are part of what is described in Howard County's General Plan 2000 as the Loop Road. Funding for the design and construction of these improvements will be provided by the developer.

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