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U.S. 29 Corridor, Stewart Lane to Dustin Road Montgomery County, MD

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The Project

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   US 29 at Greencastle Road

The proposed Greencastle Road interchange includes Greencastle Road over U.S. 29 on a bridge, at the location of the existing at-grade intersection. Diamond ramps are proposed to run along both sides of U.S. 29, to carry traffic between U.S.29 and Greencastle Road. These ramps will intersect Greencastle Road at new traffic signals on either side of the bridge. In order to minimize property impacts, the proposed U.S. 29 northbound to Greencastle Road off ramp will be constructed as close to U.S. 29 as feasible, with a retaining wall between US 29 and the ramp. A second retaining wall is proposed to go between the ramp and the adjacent properties, to reduce embankment side slope impacts to these properties. The Greencastle Road to U.S. 29 northbound on ramp will also have a retaining wall between the ramp and U.S. 29. Northbound US 29 will also be lowered approximately four feet to reduce impacts to adjacent property along Greencastle Road.

Preliminary plans have been developed to a level of detail necessary for SHA to purchase the needed right-of-way. At this time, there is no funding available to complete the design or construction.

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   US 29 at Blackburn Road

Currently the intersection of US 29 and Blackburn Road is not signalized. This intersection will be signalized under the US 29 at MD 198 interchange contract. Along with construction of a signal, indirect left turn ramps will be constructed for access to Blackburn Road. Left turns from US 29 to Blackburn Road will be eliminated. The ramps that are being constructed are part of the future ramps for an interchange.

The map below shows the route drivers will take to and from Blackburn Road once the present construction is complete.

Larger image of Blackburn Road Access (PDF, 180 kb)

The proposed US 29 at Blackburn Road interchange concept as presented in the FEIS, includes construction of an overpass 200 feet south of the existing at-grade intersection. Access to US Route 29 is via ramps in the northwest and southeast quadrants. The ramps are an extended right-on, right-off concept. SHA continues to consider additional concepts at this location.

At this time, there is no funding available for design or construction.

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   US 29 at MD 198 and Dustin Road

Image of Proposed US 29 South of Balckburn Rd to North of Dustin Rd - Click here to view larger image in PDF format
Larger image of Proposed US 29 South of Balckburn Rd to North of Dustin Rd (PDF, 2.2 mb)

This project is for US 29, from south of Blackburn Road to north of Dustin Road. Roadway improvements consist of placing US 29 on new alignment from north of Dustin Road to south of MD 198, and construction of new grade separated interchanges at the existing at-grade intersections of US 29 with MD 198 (US 29 on dual bridges over MD 198) and Dustin Road (Dustin Road over Relocated US 29). Relocated US 29 roadway will be a divided highway with a 50-foot median. MD 198 will be widened as required to provide the necessary turn lanes. Dustin Road will be rebuilt to meet the new bridge elevations. Off ramps will be built for US 29 northbound and southbound to Blackburn Road, and a new traffic signal will be placed at the existing US 29/Blackburn Road intersection. At MD 198, there will be diamond ramps to and from US 29 northbound, as well as an on-ramp from MD 198 to US 29 southbound; the existing signal at the existing US 29/MD 198 intersection will be rebuilt to accommodate this on-ramp. A new signal will be built where the northbound ramps intersect with MD 198. Ramps to and from the north will be built at Dustin Road, with a roundabout as a traffic-calming device at the intersection of the southbound off ramp and Dustin Road.

Also included in the project is the expansion of the existing park and ride lot located north of MD 198 behind the Burtonsville Shopping Center. Following completion of construction, the park and ride lot will be owned and operated by Montgomery County.

At this time, construction is substantially complete. All new traffic operations are functioning.

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S1 - Wall (PDF, 83 kb)

S2 - No Wall (PDF, 79 kb)



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