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U.S. 29 Corridor, Stewart Lane to Dustin Road Montgomery County, MD

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Welcome to the U.S. Route 29 website. This website has been created to provide information on the U.S. Route 29 projects in Montgomery County from Stewart Lane to Dustin Road.

Project site location Map - Click here to view larger image in PDF format
The project site is located in Montgomery County between Stewart Lane and Dustin Road.
Larger image of project site location Map (PDF Low Resolution, 1.1 mb)
Larger image of project site location Map (PDF Hi Resolution, 6.3 mb)
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U.S. Route 29 (Columbia Pike) is a major north-south roadway connecting northern Howard County (beginning at I-70) to Silver Spring. The section of roadway included in this web site is from north of MD 650 to the Howard County Line (approx. 7.6 miles). U.S. Route 29 is a 4- and 6- lane divide highway. It is currently 6-lanes from MD 650 to north of MD 198 where it narrows down to 4-lanes. U.S. Route 29 serves both regional and local traffic through the study area.

Project Planning studies were conducted in the 1980's to determine feasibility, necessary safety, and operational improvement requirements. The purpose of these proposed highway improvements is to provide additional safe and efficient capacity for the U.S. Route 29 corridor, which contains numerous major residential, commercial and industrial developments along the north-south roadway.

A goal of these projects is to improve safety and capacity by eliminating the conflicts between traffic on U.S. Route 29 and the crossroads, and by streamlining access between U.S. Route 29 and the cross roads. Another was to improve pedestrian and bike access across U.S. Route 29.


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