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MD 140 Environmental Assessment
Signature Page and
Table of Contents
Signature Page and
Table of Contents (PDF, 1.1mb)
Summary Summary (PDF, 819kb)
Purpose and Need Purpose and Need (PDF, 328kb)
     A. Project Background
     B. Existing and Future Conditions
     C. Growth and Development
     D. Master Plans
     E. Conclusions
Alternates Considered Alternates Considered (PDF, 323kb)
     A. Alternates Presented at the Alternates Public Workshop
     B. Alternates Not Recommended for Detailed Study
     C. Alternates Retained for Detailed Study
Alternative 2 Mapping
Alternative 5 Mapping
Alternative 6 Mapping
Alternative 7 Mapping
Alternative 2 Mapping (PDF, 3.5mb)
Alternative 5 Mapping (PDF, 3.5mb)
Alternative 6 Mapping (PDF, 3.5mb)
Alternative 7 Mapping (PDF, 3.5mb)
Existing Environment and Existing Environment (PDF, 560kb)
     A. Social, Economic and Land Use
     B. Cultural Resources
     C. Natural Resources
     D. Hazardous Materials
     E. Air Quality
     F. Noise
     G. Secondary and Cumulative Effects Analysis
Figures 1 & 2
Figures 3, 4 & 5
Figures 6 & 7
Figures 9 - 11
Figures 1 & 2 (PDF, 1.3mb)
Figures 3, 4 & 5 (PDF, 4.2mb)
Figures 6 & 7 (PDF, 2.9mb)
Figures 9 - 11 (PDF, 3.1mb)
Comments and Coordination Comments and Coordination (PDF, 2.3mb)
     A. Agency Correspondence
     B. Elected Official Correspondence
     C. Purpose and Need Concurrence
     D. Focus Group Meeting Minutes
     E. Involvement
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