Surveyors Information - Software

The Plats and Surveys Division has developed a number of software products which will be made available to the public without charge. Currently only the GETHVLST program is available.

download gethvlst graphicGETHVLST (Version 4.07) This program uses the NGS digital datasheets as input and creates a series of secondary files. These files include summary listings of horizontal and vertical control, NGS Blue Book horizonal and description files and files useful for import into the Street Atlas® and Microstation® software packages¹. The user can specify the type of control (horizontal or vertical) and the order of points to be used in the files. If photographs exist for the point, they can also be viewed with the program.


download windesc graphic

WINDESC V3.06 This program allows the user to create geodetic control point descriptions for submission to the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). It can import and export from a variety of different file formats now and formally used by NGS, including .lst files, .dsc (D-files), .dat files, and others.



download gethvlst graphic

TRANSLEV V3.32 This program facilitates the process of editing, formatting and checking digital leveling observation data and creates abstracts, bok files, and VERTBOS datasets for submission to The National Geodetic Survey (NGS). The program includes may built-in functions such as predicting temperature differences, refraction corrections, rod corrections and plotting. Also included are routines for editing .lvl files and VERTOBS files.


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