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MD 140/I-695 Interchange Website

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Project Information

Project Impacts

Project Duration: Completion is anticipated in late 2002, weather permitting. Not all impacts will last for the duration of the project.

Hours of Construction and Lane Closures: Although some work will be going on every day, all day (and night), only intermittent lane closures will be allowed, and only at night, both on MD 140 and I-695.

Noise: Some demolition work must be done at night, as it is unsafe to do with traffic underneath. Similarly, some pile driving and other noisy construction operations must also occur at night. Every effort will be made to limit the duration and late hours, as well as to finish as quickly as possible.

General Traffic Patterns: Traffic patterns and lane widths will change during construction. Drivers constantly must be alert and obey traffic control devices within the construction zone.

Lane Widths: There will be lane shifts and narrower lanes both on MD 140 and the Beltway. Beltway lanes may be reduced to 11 feet; MD 140 lanes may also be reduced to 10 feet wide.

Delays: Construction-related delays are unavoidable. We will work to minimize them as much as possible while accelerating completion of the project.

Speed: The posted 55 mph speed limits will remain the same on the Beltway. The current speed limit on MD 140 will be reduced by 10 mph to 30 mph during construction.

Ramp Impacts: All ramp movements will remain open during construction except for temporary closures late at night to allow pavement tie-ins. Detours will be provided. The ramps will enter MD 140 at a more acute angle during some phases (though ultimately they will enter at a smoother angle). The narrowing and angle changes will cause some inevitable delays and backups. Ramps from MD 140 to the Beltway will remain much as they are today.

Pedestrians: Pedestrian access and sidewalks will be maintained during construction.

Business Impacts and Access: Access to all businesses will be maintained through the construction zone, which extends from Mount Wilson Lane to Village Road.

To Ease the Impacts:

  • Alternate Routes - there are options!
  • Alternate Times - be flexible, combine trips and coordinate travel routes!
  • Mass Transit - fewer vehicles mean less delay!

For MTA Schedule Information, call 410-539-5000 or 1-800-543-9809 toll free within the Maryland service area


(Updated May 1, 2002)

The start date for the project was Mid-October 2000.

The estimated completion date is Late 2002.

The project is currently ahead of schedule.  Weather and other factors may affect the Contractor's ability to maintain the current pace of work.

As of early May 2002, motorists will see the following work:

  • Lane closures are ongoing and will continue as work on the new ramps and the reconstruction and widening of MD 140 continues. This work will be disruptive to MD 140 traffic, but will be done between the hours of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. to minimize impacts. Impacts to I-695 traffic will be minimal.

  • Work on the connections to the new ramps is ongoing. This work may require detours on some of the ramps. Any lane closures and detours will be confined to late evening to no later than 5 a.m.

  • Staining of the architectural finish on the new abutments and pier will begin in Mid- to Late- May.

  • In Mid-May MD 140 traffic lanes will be shifted towards the center of the new bridge. The lane shifts are necessary so that traffic can be maintained on MD 140 during the construction of the bridge parapet walls and sidewalk. At the same time the new I-695 ramps carrying vehicles onto and off of the bridge will open for traffic and the interchange will begin functioning as an urban diamond.

  • Painting of the steel beams on the new bridge will begin Early-Summer.

  • By Mid-Summer the traffic will be shifted into the final interchange configuration.

  • The new traffic signal fo the new Target Department store will be in place and operating by Late-August. This signal will be located south of the bridge at the entrance for the Pikesville Hilton Hotel.

  • All curb and gutter will be in place and the final paving of MD 140 and the ramps will be completed by Early-August.

While work will continue around the clock, work that affects traffic will be done at night.

Status Report

(Updated May 1, 2002)

Construction Photos

As of early May 2002:


  • Demolition of the old bridge.

  • Construction of the bridge abutments, the pier in the median of I-695, the steel girders spanning over I-695, and the steel reinforced concrete bridge deck.

  • Installation of the new water pipe line on the new bridge.

  • Retaining Wall at corner of Hooks Lane and MD 140 in front of First Union Bank.

  • Earthwork and grading operations for the entrance and exit ramps.


  • Roadway pavement construction and gradework on MD 140 at bridge approaches.

  • Installation of the storm drain pipe systems along MD 140 and I-695.

  • Installation of new roadway lighting on I-695 and the ramps.

  • Ramp roadway construction.

  • MD 140 center median construction.

Project Team

Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration

URS Corporation-Maryland, Hunt Valley, Maryland

Corman Construction
Corman Construction, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Contact SHA

Linda Singer
SHA District 4
[email protected]

Don Schaefer
SHA Construction Office


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