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MD 140/I-695 Interchange Website


Construction Photos

Photo No. 1 - View of the formwork and reinforcing steel for the center portion of the south abutment. The formwork for the I-695 roadway side of the abutment has already been set in place. Workers are in the process of setting the formwork for the back side of the abutment. The reinforcing steel rises vertically from the foundation. In the background, the completed outside portion of the new bridge and a few of the new bridge piers are visible.


Dsc00002.jpg (364650 bytes)

Photo No. 2 - Looking north across I-695 towards northbound MD 140. In the center of the photograph, four of the new bridge piers located in the I-695 median can be seen. During a later phase of the construction process, the steel girders that support the bridge deck will be placed on top of the piers for the center portion of the new bridge. Each of the arched piers supports two or more steel girders. On the left and right side of the photo the completed outside portions of the new bridge can be seen. The I-695 outer loop roadway and the north abutment of the new bridge are visible behind the center piers.


Dsc00003.jpg (348706 bytes)

Photo No. 3 - This photograph was taken at night from on top of the south abutment for the new bridge. A steel girder for the new bridge is suspended from a crane as it is lowered into place onto the south abutment and median pier. Construction activities to set the steel girders in place were done at night to minimize delays to the traveling public.


Photo No. 4 - Looking northeast across the intersection of MD 140 and Hooks Lane. The newly constructed retaining wall at the widened portion of MD 140 in front of the First Union Bank is visible. An ornamental fence will be installed on top of the wall. Also visible is the new signal pole at the corner.


Dsc00005.jpg (351233 bytes)

Photo No. 5 - Looking south on MD 140 from Hooks Lane. The new concrete median which extends from north of the interchange ramps to Hooks Lane can be seen in the center of MD 140. MD 140 was widened on both sides in this area. The new curb and sidewalk are visible on the left and right side of the photo. On the bottom right corner of the photo, the new reinforced concrete bus pad at the bus stop in front of J. Brown Jewelers can be seen. In the distance, roadway and median construction is underway in the center of MD 140 at the bridge approach.


Dsc00006.jpg (348470 bytes)

Photo No. 6 - Looking north on MD 140 towards Hooks Lane. The new third northbound lane which extends from the Commerce Center entrance past Hooks Lane to Woodholme Center Circle can be seen on the right. New curb and sidewalk is also visible on the right. The new brick patterned median can be seen in the center of MD 140.


Dsc00007.jpg (344991 bytes)

Photo No. 7 - View of construction of the new median curb and gutter on the southbound MD 140 approach to the bridge over I-695. The formwork used to shape the curb and gutter can be seen in the bottom left of the photo.


Dsc00008.jpg (65261 bytes)

Photo No. 8 - View of construction on the ramp from northbound MD 140 to eastbound I-695 towards Towson. Concrete traffic barrier is used to guide traffic safely through the construction zone and to protect the construction workers. This ramp is being widened and reconstructed in phases.


Dsc00009.jpg (344276 bytes)

Photo No. 9 - Looking north at the south side approach to the bridge. Construction is underway in the center portion of MD 140 and traffic is shifted to the outside during this phase of construction. Temporary traffic control devices, signing, and pavement markers are visible which guide traffic through the interchange during construction.


Dsc00010.jpg (340182 bytes)

Photo No. 10 - Looking towards southbound MD 140 near the southern limit of the project. This portion of southbound MD 140 was widened and the new curb, sidewalk and brick pattern is visible in this photo. The new traffic signal for the new Target Department store will be located at the entrance for the Pikesville Hilton Hotel. This entrance can be seen just behind the large Hilton sign structure.




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