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Maryland Quality Initiative
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Subcommittee Goals & Objectives


Co-chairs: Ray Moravec
Members: Shelly Baqoul, Scheryl Brown, Brain Dolan, Terry Gallion, Bob Long, Suenette Pope, Howard Weissberg

Goal: Improve communication among transportation industry partners in Maryland

Objective: To provide an annual format to promote, educate and improve the transportation industry in Maryland. 

Strategy #1:  Make All Key Decisions Regarding Conference Early in the Year
Action Plan:

  • Decide conference dates and format.
  • Reserve conference hotel/facility including all necessary rooms
  • Decide breakout session topics and confirm key speakers by September and October 2000 respectively. COMPLETE
  • Send out conference registration form by November 2000.  COMPLETE

Strategy #2:  Coordinate & organize breakout sessions
Action Plan:

  • Develop topics around current issues with feedback from the steering committee and sub committees.
  • Identify interesting and dynamic speakers and ensure proper coordination.
  • Develop breakout session schedule (i.e. repeat sessions or continuous sessions)
  • Ensure breakout sessions are properly and easily explained in the conference brochure to minimize confusion of conference participants.

Strategy #3:  Maintain Communication with Steering Committee and Between Subcommittees
Action Plan:

  • Designate point of contact for each subcommittee.
  • Discuss action items at steering committee meetings.

KeyPerformance Measure:
MdQI Conference Evaluation


Co-chairs: Brigid Seering, Steve Whitecotton
Members: Jeff Amoriello, Greg Brzozowski, Dave Creighton, Frank Flynn, Diane Fracassi, John Hayter, Mahmoud Mirshah, Adrian Palazzi, Stephanie Pratt-Carder, Gradon Tobery, John Zanetti

Goal: To develop, initiate, and promote partnering which provides a unique opportunity to improve working relationships in the highway industry.

Objective#1: Plan and conduct partnering breakout session for the annual MdQI Conference. 

Strategy:  Coordinate and organize breakout session
Action Plan:

  • Decide breakout session theme and topics.
  • Choose and confirm key speakers by October 2000.  COMPLETE
  • Submit breakout session write-up and materials (A/V equipment) list to Conference Sub-Committee by September 2000 and November 2000 respectively. COMPLETE
  • Prepare write-up for conference summary book.

KeyPerformance Measure:
Breakout session evaluations and attendance of participants

Objective#2: Develop and track standard methods of measurement for successful partnering by January 2001. 

Strategy :  Define perfomance measurement and evaluate partnering data. 
Action Plan:

  • Discuss standard methods of measurement for partnering projects with all seven SHA districts, contractors, and consultants.
  • Inform partnering projects that they can choose any five-performance measures to track for the year 2000 (practice year).
  • Finialize partnering feild guide and five performance measures that every partnering project will track and measure (January 2001 and on). COMPLETE
  • Collect data from all partnering and analyze results for both years 2000 and 2001.

KeyPerformance Measure:
Graphs from analysis of all partnering projects

Objective#3: Develop partnering training plan that will improve the quality of construction projects by March 2001. 

Strategy#1 :  Provide joint partnering training for Highway Industry stakeholders. 
Action Plan:

  • Discuss with MdQI Partnering Sub-Committee the training path that we will take.
  • Choose a consultant firm to teach partnering to project engineers, project managers, and consultant designers.
  • Schedule training sessions and recruit participants from SHA, Maryland Highway Contractors Association, and the Maryland Consultant Engineering Council.

Strategy#2 :  Improve Current initial partnering workshop by hiring independent consultant firm. 
Action Plan:

  • Interview consultant firms for workshop presentation to improve statewide consistency.
  • Meet with Maryland Highway Contractor Association to get buy-in for consultant firm to present initial workshops statewide.
  • Meet with one district to set up pilot project for consultant to perform workshop facilitation.
  • Proceed with implementation of program statewide.

Strategy#3 :  Provide training for 2001 Construction Expo COMPLETE 
Action Plan:

  • Form a small Sub-Committee from MdQI Partnering Team to work on training topic.
  • Choose and confirm key speaker.
  • Have a dry run with key speaker to workout all details for presentation.
  • Present topic to SHA construction inspection personnel.

Key Performance Measure:
Improvement in performance measure ratings; Increase in partnering projects  

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