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list of MdQI members
First Name Last Name Email Address Org.
Ed  Adams [email protected] CEAM-Balt
Jeff Amoriello [email protected] SHA
Max Azizi [email protected] FHWA
Bill Barnard [email protected] SHA
Chuck Beall [email protected] CEAM
Greg Brzozowski [email protected] Benhoff
Barry Catterton [email protected] SHA
Dan Cheng [email protected] JMT
Sam Christine [email protected] Md Agg Assoc
Mike Cohen [email protected], G-P
Brian Dolan [email protected] MAA
Keith Duerling [email protected] MdTA
Tom Evans [email protected] Md. Redi-Mix
Bob Harrison [email protected] SHA
Roger Howell [email protected] OCLINC
Kevin Kreis [email protected] Site-Blauvelt
Bob Long [email protected] ACPA
Marisa Lynch [email protected] SHA
Joe Makar [email protected] WRA
Kirk McClelland [email protected] SHA
Neil Pedersen [email protected] SHA
Suenette Pope [email protected] SHA
Dave Ramsey [email protected] SHA
Doug Rose [email protected] SHA
Gradon Tobery [email protected] SHA
Fred Wagner [email protected] G-O
Dick Weddle [email protected] SHA
Howard Weissberg [email protected] SHA
Shelly Baquol [email protected] MHCA
Bruce Dombroski [email protected] SHA
Terry Gallion [email protected] MAA
Woody Hood [email protected] SHA
Umesh Murthy [email protected] MdTA
Barb Yeager [email protected] JMT
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