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Context Sensitive Design/Thinking Beyond the Pavement

tbtplogo graphic A National Workshop on Integrating Highway
Development with Communities and the Environment
while Maintaining Safety and Performance.

Held at the University of Maryland Conference Center in May of 1998, Thinking Beyond the Pavement provided a landmark opportunity for 325 invited participants from 39 states and the District of Columbia to develop a vision of excellence in highway design for the 21st Century. Participants included chief engineers, senior designers and planners from 29 state departments of transportation, representatives of national transportation organizations, and a variety of stakeholders from government, the private sector, and citizens' organizations.

The workshop was developed under the leadership of the Maryland State Highway Administration's Administrator, ; Tony Kane, Executive Director, Federal Highway Administration; and Francis B. Francois, Executive Director, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). They formed an advisory committee of some 40 organizations to help define the direction and content of the conference, including professional associations, local and state government, regulatory agencies, and safety, environmental, scenic, historic preservation, and bicycle groups.

For more details on Thinking Beyond the Pavement, a Conference Summary is available for download below or by calling the Maryland State Highway Administration at (410) 545-0361. The FHWA book, Flexibility in Highway Design, is available in limited quantities by calling (202) 366-0106. To get help, find others who are dealing with similar issues, or find out more about training programs, case study projects, or information sources contact [email protected].

Thinking Beyond the Pavement Conference Summary (PDF, 1686kb)

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