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Maryland Department of Transportation Plan

The Department of Transportation recognizes bicycling and walking as integral elements of a muli-modal approach to transportation. With the Maryland Transportation Plan, MDOT, allied with committed citizens, has the opportunity to strengthen and build upon the accomplishments of the past and make bicycling and walking a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable option within the framework of an integrated statewide transportation network.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Master Plan

The Maryland Department of Transportationís principal mission is moving people and goods to their destinations in a safe and efficient manner. Bicycling and walking are important modes of transportation that help us realize this goal. The Statewide 20-Year Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Master Plan will serve as a blueprint to achieving our vision of becoming the best state in the nation for bicycling and walking.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

SHA's Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, in addition to being the public's contact person for bicycle information, performs bicycle related research and systems planning, reviews design plans, develops policy and procedural guidelines, and monitors SHA's major capital projects for bicycle compatibility. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator also coordinates safety, enforcement, and educational activities, serves as liaison with other governmental agencies, reviews laws and legislative proposals, and develops information for public distribution.
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
State Highway Administration
707 N. Calvert Street, mail stop C-502
Baltimore, MD 21203
[email protected]

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