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Maryland Bicycle Advisory Committee (MBAC) Page 1

The Maryland Bicycle Advisory Committee was established, by Legislation, in 1991. The mission was to make Maryland the best recognized bicycle friendly and safe place in America. To do this the committee promotes cycling as a fully accepted form of transportation and recreation, facilitates cycling safety and education, advocates for bicycle facilities, advises state agencies on cycling issues and local cycling organizations.


Membership on the committee reflects the diverse geographic, economic and public interests associated with bicycling in Maryland. Thirteen members are appointed by the Governor. Seven of the members represent the five geographic regions of the state: Western Maryland, Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore, the Baltimore metropolitan region, and the Washington metropolitan region. The remaining six members are from state government and represent a number of disciplines.

Members of The Maryland Bicycle Advisory Committee

Washington Metropolitan Region
William Kelly, Chairman
5206 Paducah Road
College Park, MD 20740
[email protected]

Randy Mardres
3136 Casteleigh Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904
[email protected]

Baltimore Metropolitan Region
Robert Moore
216 Longwood Road
Baltimore, MD 21210

Michael Levengood
206 Bell Road
Westminster, MD 21158

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