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Biking Laws

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Bicycle Laws

Maryland Vechicle Laws Pertaining to Bicycles

From the following website: Michie's Legal Resources please select the TRANSPORTATION folder icon or heading to access:


Subtitle 5. Pedestrians' Rights and Rules
Subtitle 12. Operation of Bicycle and Play


Annotated Code of Maryland
Maryland state laws that pertain to bicycling. (PDF, 135KB)
Maryland state laws that pertain to departmental requirements, etc. (PDF, 97KB)
Maryland state laws that pertain to pedestrians. (PDF, 85KB)
Maryland state laws that pertain to scooters, EPAMP, etc. (PDF, 126KB)

Bicycles on Transit
For information in the Washington region contact -
For information in the Baltimore region contact -
For information about bicycles on MARC trains, contact -
For information in Montgomery County contact -

Maryland's Bicycle Helmet Law
Bicycle Helmet

Maryland State Highways Where Bicycles are Prohibited
The Maryland State Highway Administration has the authority to prohibit cyclists on any highway where they feel is not compatible to those activities.

The following highways are prohibited to cyclists.

  • I-68, I-70, I-81, I-83, I-95, I-97, I-195, I-270, I-370, I-395, I-495, I-695, I-795, I-895, MD 10, MD 90, MD 100

The following highways are open to bicycles except for the segments as listed below.

  • MD 4 from I-95 east to US 301
  • MD 26 from Market Street to US 15
  • MD 32 from I-97 west to MD 108
  • MD 295 from the Russell Street/Haines Street intersection in Baltimore City south to Washington, DC
  • MD 702 from south of I-95 to MD 150 (Eastern Ave)
  • US 13 from Business 13 south of Salisbury to Business 13 north of Salisbury
  • US 15 from the US 15/US 340 interchange north to MD 355 (north of Frederick)
  • US 50 from the Washington DC line east to the US 50/US 301 split
  • US 301 from the US 50/US 301 interchange at Bowie east to the Delaware state line
  • US 340 from Valley Road/Keep Tryst Road north to Jefferson Street in Frederick


The following bridges were not designed to accommodate bicycle or pedestrian traffic.

  • Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge - US 40 over the Susquehanna River
  • Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge - US 301 over the Potomac River
  • William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge - US 50/301 over Chesapeake Bay

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA), which oversees the management of the facilities, recognizes that these prohibitions may create difficulties for some cyclists. As a courtesy, the MdTA offers the following services:

William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge:

A private, professional service is available, for a fee to assist cyclists over the Chesapeake Bay. It is suggested that you contact the service at least 24 hours in advance of your crossing to verify the location and time of pick-up. For more information, contact the MdTA at 410-974-0341

Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge and Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge:

The MdTA may, if manpower and time are available, transport cyclists and their bicycles across the bridge for a fee. This service is provided as a courtesy only when circumstances permit. It is not an official operating policy of the MdTA. Again you should contact MdTA at least 24 hours prior to arrival. The telephone numbers are 410-575-7162 for the Hatem Bridge, and 301-259-4444 for the Nice Bridge.

For more information about the Maryland Transportation Authority, or its facilities, please contact:

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