A man rushes into a lift at workplace and initiates a conversation with colleagues.

Man: Can't believe it! I got held up in a work zone with one lane closed and speed limit at 35 miles per hour! Burns me up!

He sounds frustrated and angry.

Colleague 1: Yeah! But those people are working with cars flying by just a few feet away.

Man: Come on! It doesn't look that dangerous to me.

As the man steps out of the lift, a car flies past him. The man is taken by surprise.

For comparison, the scene is depicted as if the lift is right in the center of a work zone.

Another colleague steps out of the lift and starts narrating.

Collegaue 2: Remember, how would you like it when someone drove through your workplace at 65 miles per hour? Work zone crews are just doing their job.

Narrator: Stay alert! Stay alive in work zones!

The clip ends with image of Stay Alert sign board and logos of SHA and US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.