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Historic Bridge Context Report
Table of Contents (Continued)
  Historical Development  
       Part 1 V-HD_1.pdf
       Part 2 V-HD_2.pdf
       The Pratt Truss V-Pratt.pdf
Double Intersection Pratt Truss
Pratt Half-Hip Truss
Parker Truss
Baltimore (Petit) Truss
Pennsylvania (Petit) Truss
Camelback Truss
       The Warren Truss V-Warr.pdf
       The Bowstring Arch-Truss V-Bowstr.pdf
       The Bollman Truss V-Bolmn.pdf
       The Wichert Truss V-Wichr.pdf
       Post-1900 Patterns in Truss Fabrication and Use V-P1900.pdf
  Metal Truss Bridges in Maryland V-Mtrus.pdf
  Conclusion V-Conc.pdf
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