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What We Do

Environmental Design
The environment is another important priority for SHA. Our goal is to continue to improve the quality of highway environment. Included among these efforts are highway landscaping, streetscapes, wetland preservation and wetland creation and roadside vegetation maintenance, wildflower planting and reforestation.

Engineering Districts
SHA serves Maryland through seven engineering districts. A district includes a number of counties, with a district office serving as its headquarters. Each district is responsible for management of highway and bridge construction contracts as well as all maintenance functions such as pavement repairs, bridge repairs, snow removal, roadside management and equipment maintenance. The districts are also responsible for traffic engineering operations. While they share these common duties, the geography, climate and location of each district makes it unique.

Customer Service
SHA's goal of providing superior customer service is vital to our success. Serving our customers may involve answering telephones or letters, holding public meetings, informing the public of a road closing, making sure bills are paid promptly or acquiring property needed for construction projects. SHA is dedicated to addressing the needs of Marylanders. Our customer service policy is quite simple; We respond to our customers the way we would like to be treated: honestly, courteously, politely and efficiently. The key to SHA customer service is caring.

Career Development
We believe SHA is a place where people can both enjoy their work and advance in their careers. Our Career Development program makes these things possible. Employees may take advantage of more than a dozen programs specifically targeted for their career and personal growth, including management development. SHA encourages employees to become involved in decisions affecting their workplace through programs such as Quality Circles, Manager's Circles and the Bright Idea Program. Programs which foster personal growth include Wellness, Career Counseling and our extensive Awards and Recognition program. Career development programs continue to expand and flourish as SHA employees show dedication to their work and pride in their work environment.

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