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Overview of the Office of Bridge Development

"Our Mission" "To design and maintain safe, economical and aesthetic highway structures for the traveling public, through a dedicated workforce committed to teamwork, communication, professionalism and customer service."

bridge pictureThe Office of Bridge Development is responsible for over 2,400 existing bridges and over 5,000 existing small structures that are all across the State of Maryland. This responsibility covers their inspection, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of new and/or replacement structures. The dedicated men and women of the Office of Bridge Development use the latest design criteria and construction innovations to deliver cost effective and aesthetically pleasing structures for the traveling public.

Each year rehabilitation and/or replacement of designated structures, and design of new structures takes place, often with award winning results. An example would be the United States Naval Academy Bridge on US Rte. 450 over the Severn River in Annapolis, Maryland. This bridge has won seven awards and has been hailed as one of the most attractive bridges in the country.

Bridges are not the only structures designed by this office. As you travel around the state you will see noise barriers, box culverts, retaining walls, etc. that have been designed to be safe and functional as well as blend in with their surroundings. Many times when you travel around the state our work is not evident, which is something we strive for. Certainly, our primary mission is to get the public to their destination safely. Fitting in with the environment with the least disruption of traffic is also important to us.

Our structures are inspected on a regular schedule, including underwater, and if problems are discovered they are dealt with quickly so as to protect and not inconvenience the public. As we move toward the next millennium we in the Office of Bridge Development are working to meet the transportation needs of the traveling public in Maryland using new technology and innovative thinking in all our efforts.

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