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Smart Growth

smart growth graphicSmart Growth, Smart Transportation
The Governor’s Initiatives To Keep Marylanders Working, Moving
And Living In Well Planned Communities

Maryland State Highway Administration's Smart Growth Programs

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), in partnership with the departments of Housing and Community Development, Environment and Business and Economic Development, works to balance encouraging economic growth and preserving our neighborhoods. We are developing projects to help local governments direct growth in our communities.

With growth comes the need for a safe and smart transportation system. Through the latest communication and monitoring technologies at our Statewide Operations Center, we now can expedite emergency operations, daily commuter information and communications with the Maryland State Police.

The Smart Growth and Smart Transportation initiatives, endorsed by the Maryland General Assembly, will:

  • work with counties and local governments to protect the communities and environment.
  • utilize existing structures and services already in place.
  • enhance areas with landscaping, pedestrian paths and highway noise barriers.
  • develop and coordinate transportation needs in growing areas.
  • continue to seek new technology and advancements in traffic management.

Maryland spends nearly $1 billion on its transportation network annually. Whether it is new facilities or maintaining existing ones, we are making sure these investments are the best for Maryland’s citizens. The Smart Growth program is part of our commitment to keeping Maryland moving, working and living in communities we are proud to call home.

Parris N. Glendening

John D. Porcari
Secretary of Transportation

Parker F. Williams
State Highway Administrator

For more information on Smart Growth: MDOT and MOP

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