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Context Sensitive Design/Thinking Beyond the Pavement

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Current Activities:  What Maryland Is Doing with CSD

The majority of Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration's (MSHA) current Context Sensitive Design (CSD)/Thinking Beyond the Pavement (TBTP) activities involve the items that have been identified in the implementation work plans developed by the four TBTP task teams and their sub-teams. The following lists include a brief summary of each team's efforts. Detailed work plans are available by contacting MSHA's TBTP program coordinator.

Organization and Policy Task Team--Action Items

  • Review current policies, and develop policy recommendations, addressing pedestrian lighting, right-of-way, utilities, and the funding of certain project items, in regards to the TBTP approach.
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  • Create internal and external awards, recognizing the TBTP approach to project development.
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  • Review graduate engineer interview criteria for their support of TBTP principles and modify as needed.
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  • Develop data, utilizing the TBTP approach, to better estimate man-hour and consultant requirements for project development while meeting current requirements.
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  • Include the TBTP approach in MSHA business plans.
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  • Develop outcome measures for public and private investments associated with the Neighborhood Conservation Project Development Program.

Project Development Process Team--Action Items

  • Develop a streamlined process for delivering transportation projects that provides continuity between all phases.
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  • Identify other States that have undertaken similar process reviews and learn from their efforts.
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  • Identify a pilot project that will utilize one project manager and/or consultant team in all stages from planning to maintenance.
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  • Develop guidelines, for the preparation of project development plans, that address public involvement, schedule, resources, and delivery process strategies.
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  • Identify the appropriate time and use of independent value engineering and budget for needed time and resources.
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  • Improve the effectiveness of the preliminary field investigation, final review, and constructability review meetings and processes.

Community Involvement Team--Action Items

  • Develop MSHA community involvement guidance document.
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  • Develop community involvement skills training for MSHA staff and consultants.
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  • Develop a strategy for more intensive use of visualization in project development.
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  • Include community involvement skills in the consultant selection process.

Project Management and Leadership Development Training Team--Action Items

  • Develop an orientation course for the MSHA organization and MSHA's project development process.
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  • Develop an Orientation Resource/Reference Guide for project managers.
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  • Develop introductory and advanced-level project management courses.
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  • Develop advanced level, topic-specific project management courses and a support system for project managers that would include mentors and other resources


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