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Economic Impact Evaluation of the State Highway Administration in Maryland

An economic study completed for the State Highway Administration by RESI, a research institute of Towson University, has concluded that investments in Maryland's highways result in a 17 percent annual rate of return to the State's economy. The landmark report, which was released in December 1998, is the first study in Maryland to take a comprehensive look at the impact of highway investment in the State.

The research indicates that highway investments deliver broad, substantial and lasting benefits to the state's economy. In the short term, money spent to improve and maintain Maryland's highways supports private businesses with employment and the purchase of goods and services. In the longer term, investments in the highway system help create a more efficient economy by reducing the cost of producing those goods and services. The long-term effect helps expand the state's overall economic growth.

Preparation of the report was managed under the leadership of Parker F. Williams, Administrator, and Maryland State Highway Administration. An advisory committee chaired by Clyde E. Pyers, Director of Highway Policy and Technology Utilization, was formed to help guide the research. The advisory committee included representatives from the Federal Highway Administration, the State Highway Administration, the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Maryland Highway Contractors Association, and the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The advisory committee reviewed RESI's work, provided guidance, and supplied the necessary data.

For more details on the Economic Impact Evaluation of the State Highway Administration in Maryland, download the report which is available below or call the Maryland State Highway Administration at 410-545-0341 or 1-888-204-0157. 

download economic evaluation report graphic Click here to download the Economic Impact Evaluation Report (Uncompressed PDF)

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