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  Testing Lab/Certification Program

Aggregates - The Graded Aggregate Base Course (GAB) Technician training and certification program is for technicians who are performing quality control / quality assurance testing at the plant or on the project site. The course consists of classroom instruction and a hands-on demonstration of practical skills.

How to: Technicians who want to become certified as Graded Aggregate Base Course Technicians should contact:

Bob Kochen

phone: 410-321-4090 / 1-800-637-1290


Portland Cement Concrete: Training and certification programs are offered for Concrete Field Technician and Concrete Plant Technician. Both courses consist of a written test and demonstration of practical skills.

Field - Certification deals primarily with the quality control / quality assurance testing of fresh concrete in the field. Technicians will be required to perform the slump, air, and unit weight tests; make and cure concrete cylinders; test for the temperature of the concrete; calculate the water-to-cement ratio; and sample fresh concrete.

Plant - Certification deals with the quality control / quality assurance testing of materials being incorporated into the concrete mix at the plant.

How to: Technicians who want to become certified as Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) technicians should contact:

Byron (Dusty) Brady

phone: 410-321-4129 / 1-800-637-1290

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