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Our Values and Philosophy of DIVERSITY

We foster a diverse work force that recognizes and values every individual for his or her unique background, skills, and viewpoints.

We are committed to a work environment that affords all employees an equal opportunity to advance to their full potential.  We pledge to one another to communicate and provide and environment in which we:  
  • respect each other and are free from harassment, discrimination, and intolerance;
  • treat one another fairly;
  • provide all individuals an equal opportunity and access for growth, development, and advancement with a support system of programs and people to facilitate success;
  • recognize and reward individuals based on abilities and achievements; and 
  • encourage and environment where an open mind is accepted as a positive contribution.

 The development of all employees is critical to the development of SHA; and SHA, at all levels, represents and reflects the communities we serve.

Internal Programs & Services:

  • Special Emphasis Programs

  • Diversity Conferences

  • Diversity Training

External Programs & Services:

  • Business Outreach

  • Disadvantaged Business Assistance

  • Contact Compliance/OJT Programs

  • Entrepreneurial Development Institute

  • Federal Aid Programs

Diversity Initiative, Programs & Activities * Contact: Thelma Thorne-Chapman * 410-545-0338


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