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Office of Construction

211 East Madison Street
Baltimore MD 21202
Robert K. Harrison - Deputy Chief Engineer
(410) 545-0072
Toll Free # 1-888-375-1922

It is the mission of the Office of Construction to expedite quality construction projects as safely as possible with minimum impact on the traveling public.

To accomplish our mission, the Office of Construction is composed of five major teams to support SHA’s Construction Program. These are the Deputy Chief Engineer’s Office, Construction Inspection Division, Utilities Team, Contracts Award Team, and Controls/MBE Team. Our Office currently has 44 positions at Headquarters and 240 Construction Inspection Division field positions supplemented by approximately 160 consultants.

The Office of Construction’s major areas of responsibility include: contract processing (bid openings, contract award, notice to proceed), payments to contractors; establishment of MBE goals and Affirmative Action Plans, approval of change orders, construction inspection (administering the construction engineering manpower management system statewide, assignment of inspection, management of supplemental consultant inspection contracts), training, statewide utilities (relocation, determination of prior rights, billing, coordination), claims avoidance/resolution, establishment of policies and procedures and related support functions.

Office of Deputy Chief Engineer - Construction
Telephone Number (410) 545-0072


  • Monitoring of Change Orders
  • Project Overrun/Underrun Records
  • Federal Project Closeout Information
  • Pre-Bid Scheduling Records
  • Track VECPS
  • Contract Claims
  • Contractor Annual Ratings
  • Monthly Asphalt FOB Prices
  • Maryland Quality Initiative Program
  • Technical Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Budget Control
  • Partnering Program
  • Small Procurements
  • Quality Initiatives
  • Mentor/Shadow Program
  • Project QC/QA
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