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Office of Construction

Claims Review Team: Responsible for reviewing and analyzing all construction contract disputes, to distinguish between project documents and claimed items, to justify whether payments should be made to contractors.

Quality/Partnering Coordinator: Responsible for managing the statewide SHA Partnering Training Initiative. Also responsible for providing and developing the Continuous Quality Improvement Program for the Office of Construction which includes updating and improving the OOC business plan (mission, vision, values, goal setting and tracking objectives).

Technical Systems Team: Manage all data processing activities within the Office of Construction, including statewide construction projects, computing requirements, and in-house development. Manage the development and implementation of new database applications within the division.

Regional Construction Engineers: The six Regional Construction Engineers represent the Administrator, Chief Engineer and Deputy Chief Engineer Construction in the management of the Highway Construction Programs. The RCE monitors each project through the design and construction phase to assure quality and uniform construction techniques through the use of Quality Assurance/Quality Control practices.


  • Establish Contract Recommendations
  • Liaison between HQ and Field Offices
  • Inspection Reports
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Compliance
  • Approval of Pile Hammer and Driving Criteria
  • Maintain Quality Assurance and uniformity for construction projects throughout the state
  • Insure that FHWA Certification Acceptance (CA) requirements are adhered to on state and local government construction projects
  • Insure compliance w/ Standards and Specifications for Construction

Statewide Paving Coordinator: Provides technical support to District personnel, project engineers and inspection staff. Responsible for quality and uniformity on all Hot Mix Asphalt Paving and Super Pave placement throughout the state.

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