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Office of Maintenance (OOM)

Facilities Management Division
Contact Person: Jim Keseling, Division Chief
Toll Free MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Facilities Management Division provides comprehensive statewide development of SHA facilities for the purpose of providing a quality work environment for SHA people and providing effective buildings for SHA operations.

The Division is organized into three teams, which are the Operations Team, Consultant Management Team and Construction Team. The Operations Team performs functions relating to building maintenance, facility management, facility environmental issues, energy conservation, recycling and contract administration in these areas. The Consultant Management Team addresses facility planning and design, contract administration, and consultant procurement. The Construction Team is responsible for construction of small in-house projects and the construction of major projects by contractors.

Contact Person: Dan Guy, Division Chief
Toll Free in MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Equipment Division is responsible for the overall direction and guidance of all statewide equipment related functions as well as coordinating issues relating to the assignment of vehicles. This includes purchasing, distribution, maintenance, accident repairs and reporting modifications, etc. The Division works with all R.C.’s (Responsibility Centers) and Districts on all equipment related matters to ensure they have the equipment most suited for the job.

The Hanover Auto shop works as part of the Equipment Division and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all SHA Headquarters and Hanover Operations Center vehicles. This shop also serves the function of a Central Depot for the distribution of contract items such as gloves, hard hats, rain gear, etc.

Communications Division
Contact Person: Craig Fetzer, Division Chief
Toll Free in MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The mission of the Communications Division is to provide reliable statewide Electronics Engineering services for wireless Communications and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to SHA.

In order to fulfill our mission the Division is organized into two sections, Field Operations and Technical Support. Although during Emergency Operations these sections work side by side to provide technical guidance and maintenance expertise to insure the total operability of the SHA Communications system.

Field Operations provides installation services, routine and emergency repairs, maintenance, and purchasing functions related to all facets of wireless technology. Devices such as Travelers Advisory Radio (TAR), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Overhead Speed Detectors, Weather Information Systems (field devices only), Two-way Radios, and Microwave backbone communications are supported with 24 hour, 7 day per week service by Field Operations Technicians.

Technical Support provides support to the Field Operations section as well as the Office of Maintenance (OOM), Office of Traffic and Safety (OOTS), the Statewide Operations Center (SOC), Chesapeake Highway Advisories Routing Traffic (CHART), and the regional Traffic Operations Center (TOC’s). This includes coordinating efforts in planning, design, design review, contracting services, installation, and acceptance testing in order to provide a state-of-the-art wireless communications system.

Highway Maintenance Division
Contact Person: John F. Scally, Jr., Division Chief
Toll Free in MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Highway Maintenance Division provides support over all highway maintenance operations throughout the state. The Division is divided into four groups, Maintenance Contracts Team, Maintenance Training and Certification Team, Maintenance Operations Support Team, and Maintenance Quality Assurance Team.

In addition the Division has one individual dedicated to coordinating statewide linestriping efforts, who also works with the District Paint Teams on various paint related issues.


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