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Office of Maintenance (OOM)
oom graphic Maintenance Contracts Team
Contact Person: Richard Gilmore, Team Leader
Toll Free in MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Maintenance Contracts Team is responsible for the scheduling, development, processing, review and advertisement of plans, special provisions and estimates for Highway Maintenance contracts, Facilities Construction / Maintenance contracts and CHART maintenance contracts; statewide coordination of contracts through District Operations Engineers; the procurement of statewide commodities, such as road salt and aggregates; development of specifications/special provisions for contract and commodities. Develops and implements cost savings programs such as Adopt-A-Highway and Mechanic Apprentice Program. Monitors inventories statewide to achieve and maintain a reduction, oversees statewide material condemnation, represents OOM on Special Project Tours and SPI Clearinghouse Committee, administers Chief Engineer’s discretionary fund, and answers questions related to contracts and procurements.

Maintenance Training and Certification Team
Contact Person: Richard Shelton, Team Leader
Toll Free MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Maintenance Training and Certification team (MTCT) is responsible for the research, development and implementation of training and certification programs dedicated to the improvement of knowledge, skills, and abilities of highway maintenance personnel statewide. These programs include, but are not limited to heavy equipment and technical training and certification, winter operations training (Snow College), Commercial Drivers License (CDL) A and B training, Driver Improvement Program (DIP) and the Driver Corrective Action Program. The MTCT conducts three Train-the-Trainer Programs, DIP, Heavy Equipment and Heavy Equipment Mechanic. The team maintains a database for tracking all statewide training and certification programs sponsored by the Office of Maintenance. In addition they sponsor and coordinate the Statewide Roadeo Competition and Highway Maintenance Seminar.

Maintenance Operations Support Team
Contact Person: Len Schultz, Team Leader
Toll free in MD Only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Maintenance Operations Support Team is responsible for the planning, development and allocation of the statewide Maintenance Operating Budget. Also responsible for collection of the roadway features inventory and administration of the SHA Emergency Management Program. Represents SHA for Federal Emergency Relief and Mitigation Program, conducts budget and resource needs analysis. Monitors the research and development of various special studies relating to maintenance operations and business practices.

Maintenance Quality Assurance Team
Contact persons: Marc Lipnick
Toll Free in MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

Charlie Bull
Toll Free in MD only 1-888-963-0307
[email protected]

The Maintenance Quality Assurance Team, in cooperation with District personnel and management manages the Peer Review for Quality Highway Maintenance Program. Investigates new materials, technologies, and techniques for winter and routine maintenance. Coordinates and maintains records on hazardous waste removal statewide, coordinates and develops training for hazardous waste removal, maintains and analyzes data on winter maintenance, publishes the Emergency Management Telephone Directory, EOC Emergency Operations Handbook, Management Telephone Directory, EOC Emergency Operations Handbook, and SHA Maintenance Manual, and Maintains records on Interstate Maintenance.


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