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The overall purpose of this program is to aid the traveling public by providing them with information of essential services available for their use along designated state highways. Our purpose is accomplished by allowing various business' in the area's of food, gasoline, and lodging to have signs placed for their type of service they offer to the traveling public through approved specific signing. This site is easily used. If you have an interest in getting involved with this program, please read and follow these simple guidelines:

  • Read over all the information contained within the on line Logo brochure provided
  • If you feel that you meet the all the qualifications for the program, download the accompanying Specific Services Signing (Logo) application.
  • Please fill out all necessary information needed on the application as indicated. (Incomplete applications will not be considered for services)
  • All applications must be sent to the Specific Service Signing Program (Logo) by way of the delivery address provided on the application with real signatures affixed.
  • Xeroxed Copies or faxed copies of the application will not be considered for services.
  • Once applications have been mailed to the Specific Services Signing address, you will be notified as to approval or denial, and directed on how to proceed.

download logo brochure graphicClick here to download the Logo Brochure
(Uncompressed PDF)

Click here to download the Specific Services Signing (Logo) Application
(Uncompressed PDF)

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