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Maryland Motor Carrier Identification Numbers

Attention Motor Carriers
Legislation enacted in Maryland earlier this year requires that every truck over 10,000 pounds capacity, truck tractor, and bus operated on public roads, unless specifically exempt*, must display either a US DOT or a Maryland issued motor carrier identification number by July 1, 2002.  If you are a motor carrier that is not required to have a US DOT # because your vehicles do not leave Maryland and you do not handle interstate cargo, you must obtain a Maryland identification number and display it on your trucks, truck tractors, and buses by that date.

The Motor Carrier Division of the Office of Traffic and Safety has been designated as the issuing agency for Maryland motor carrier identification numbers (MD DOT #s).  It recently has begun issuing these numbers to Maryland motor carriers who apply for them.

Don't Delay.  Numbers are not issued automatically - motor carriers must apply to the Motor Carrier Division for them.  If a motor carrier does not need a US DOT #, it must display its MD DOT # by no later that July 1, 2002 and in the same manner that a US DOT # must be displayed.  Carriers not in compliance will be subject to a fine.

You can print the Application for a MD DOT # (Form MCIR-150) from this web site.    Fill it out and return it as soon as possible to the Motor Carrier Division at the address below.  Application forms also may be requested from this address.  Remember the July 2002 deadline and that the application will take time to process.

download Mcir150_all_1.pdf graphicClick here to download the Application for Maryland D.O.T Number
(Uncompressed PDF)

acrobat graphic

Motor Carrier Division
Office of Traffic & Safety
State Highway Administration
7491 Connelley Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

*The following vehicles, if only operated intrastate, may be exempt:  Farm trucks, and farm truck tractors, farm area motor vehicles, emergency vehicles, vehicles transporting money or commercial paper, vehicles owned or operated by the State or local government, and vehicles within 15 days of their purchase.

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