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Archeology and the Maryland State Highway Administration

Preserving Maryland's Heritage: Archeological Research conducted by the Maryland State Highway Administration 

The Preserving Maryland's Heritage brochure provides information to Maryland residents about diverse, fragile, non-renewable, archeological resources present in our state. We hope to educate citizens about the multi-cultural character of archeological sites in Maryland (American Indian, African-American, Euro-American and others), as well as their potential age--12,000 years or more for some American Indian sites. Steps that SHA takes to preserve information about this critical part of our heritage are outlined, including how SHA identifies archeological resources prior to construction, how we decide which archeological sites are significant, and how important sites are treated by SHA.

Preserving Maryland's Heritage shows SHA's commitment to preventing unnecessary damage to Maryland's cultural resources, and to preserving important information when damage cannot be avoided. Other information sources for Maryland Archeology are provided for citizens who want to learn more about Maryland's below-ground heritage.

Archeology and the Maryland State Highway Administration
Archeology and the Maryland State Highway Administration provides detail about the legal requirements that SHA follows regarding archeological resources. Key state and federal legislative mandates that require the consideration of archeological resources by SHA and the Federal Highway Administration are briefly summarized. The brochure also describes the overall function of SHA's Archeology Group, lists staff contacts for specific regions in the state, and outlines research materials maintained by the group. The Archeology Group follows staged process to assess the archeological potential of specific SHA projects, identify archeological resources, evaluate their importance, and actions taken to avoid or recover scientific information from significant archeological sites. Each of these steps are briefly described.



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