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Highway Indicators Statistical Report
Table of Contents (Page 2)

This report is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the topic you would like to view.

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III. System Use 017_SystUse.pdf
   1. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel 018_AVMT.pdf
   2. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel on the State System 019_AVMTState.pdf
   3. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel - Western Maryland 020_AVMTWest.pdf
   4. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel - Eastern Shore 021_AVMTEast.pdf
   5. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel - Southern Maryland 022_AVMTSouth.pdf
   6. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel - Baltimore Region 023_AVMTBalt.pdf
   7. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel - Washington D.C. Region 024_AVMTWash.pdf
   8. Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel per Licensed Driver 025_AVMTLicDriv.pdf
   9. Historic Use of State Operated Rideshare Facilities 026_Park&RideUse.pdf
   10. Maryland Traffic Fatalities 027_TrafFatal.pdf
   11. 1999 I-270 HOV Lanes Traffic Count Summary 028_HOV.pdf
   12. Truck AADT at Selected Strategic Geographical Locations 029_TruckAADT.pdf
IV. Capital Invested 030_CapInvest.pdf
   1. Annual SHA Expenditures 1985-2005 031_SHAExpend.pdf
   2. Funding Distribution 032_FundDist.pdf
   3. Maryland Expenditures for Community Enhancements 033_ExpComEnh.pdf

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