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Training Exercises

Introduction :: Introduction to SCEA  |  Exercise 1
Module 1 :: Resource Definition  |   Exercise 1  |  Exercise 2
Module 2 :: Geographic Boundary  |   Exercise 1  |  Exercise 2
Module 3 :: Timeframes  |   Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 4 :: Land Use Timeframes  |   Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 5 :: Drawing SCEA Conclusions  |  Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 6 :: Presentation of SCEA in the Environmental Documentation  |  Exercise 1

Module 4 :: Exercise 1

Present time frame versus future land use time frame exercise
This exercise is designed to help you further your understanding between present time frames and future time frames. The following table represents proposed developments within the SCEA geographical boundary. Would you include these developments in your "present" land use time frame or your "future" land use time frame. Assume that each project would require four years total to design and construct.

Please answer the questions below with a P(Present) or an F(Future) in box below the question. Then print this page with your answers and click on the link to the answers page.

1. Proposed Development: Springfield Interchange Improvement Project
Description: I95/495/I395/495 Springfield Interchange Improvement Project is located in Springfield, Virginia and is a multiyear program to improve traffic flow at this heavily congested interchange location.
Status: The interchange is expected to be completed in 2008

2. Proposed Development: Potomac Yard/Crystal City Area Transportation Study:
Description: In 1999, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) began developing a plan that recommends short and longterm transportation improvements affecting the Potomac Yard/Crystal City area with respect to the Proposed development by Commonwealth Atlantic Properties.
Status: A NEPA document has not yet been prepared

3. Proposed Development: National Harbor Development Project
Description: The Proposed National Harbor Plan would blend hotel, retail, entertainment, and office uses.
Status: An FEIS was completed in 1999

4. Proposed Development: King Street Feasibility Study
Description: VDOT will be identifying and analyzing potential alternative concepts to address congestion concerns along King Street, Walter Reed Drive, and Beauregard Street in Arlington and Fairfax Counties and the City of Alexandria.
Status: No resource inventory or impacts analysis has been completed at this time.

5. Proposed Development: I95/495/I395 HOV Restriction Study
Description: The I95/495/I395 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) facility would be a reversible twolane freeway, about 70 kilometers (27 miles) long, between the southern terminus at Dumfries, VA near VA 234 and the northern terminus between VA 27 and Eads Street in Arlington, VA.
Status: No resource inventory or impacts analysis has been completed at this time.

6. Proposed Development: I95/495 Study (Virginia)
Description: VDOT conducted an analysis that concluded that highway improvements would be the most effective transportation investment in the I95/495 corridor.
Status: An EA is currently being prepared

7. Proposed Development: I95/495 Study (Maryland)
Description: This study investigates the feasibility of introducing HOV lanes and mass transit on I95/495 from the American Legion Bridge to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.
Status: EA Forms for this project are in draft form.

8. Proposed Development: Patent Trademark Office
Description: Due to a need for more office space, the Patent and Trademark Office completed an EIS to find a site relocation.
Status: A preferred alternative in the 1999 FEIS and was selected in the Record of Decision. The selection of this site has been challenged in court and the project is currently awaiting a ruling.

9. Proposed Development: Anacostia River and Tributaries, Maryland and District of Columbia Phase One Project
Description: In a December 1991 reconnaissance report, the USACOE determined that federal actions related to navigation and flood control directly degraded more than 2,600 acres of wetland, 500 acres of aquatic habitat, and 800 acres of bottomland hardwoods. Subsequently, the USACOE and five nonfederal sponsors undertook a $2,570,000 feasibility study. The project EIS recommended 13 actions to restore wetlands, streams and bottomland habitat within the Anacostia Basin.
Status: EIS completed in 1994. Project Construction was initiated in July 1999. Construction activities are slated to continue through September 2001, with project monitoring planned through September 2004.

10. Proposed Development: US 1 Corridor Study
Description: In 1994, the General Assembly directed VDOT to conduct a complete and comprehensive study of the US 1 corridor in Fairfax and Prince William Counties.
Status: A NEPA document has not yet been written.

11. Proposed Development: MD 210
Description: The Maryland Dept. of Transportation and the State Highway Administration are conducting a project planning study for MD 210 (Indian Head Highway), between 195/495/I495 and MD 228 in Prince George's County.
Status: Final environmental documentation has not yet been prepared.

12. Proposed Development: Largo Metrorail Extension
Description: The metrorail extension is a 5kilometer (3.1 mile extension of WMATA's Blue Line from Addison Road Station to Largo Town Center with a stop at Summerfield.
Status: The 1999 EIS is expected to be signed in the near future.

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