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Transportation Enhancement Program

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Rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings, structures or facilities, (including historic railroad facilities and canals)

Restoration of a publicly owned historic transportation structure, in keeping with historic characteristics, to a condition that will permit or enhance public use. The property must be open to the public on a not-for-profit basis. Any funds raised by entry fees or minor commercial activities must be used entirely for maintenance and improvement of the facility. (Sites that are primarily commercial establishments or not open to the public are not eligible for funding.)

Preservation of abandoned railway corridors (including conversion for use as bicycle or pedestrian trails)

Construction of off-road trails on abandoned railroad and canal facilities. Preference will be given to projects totally on publicly owned, off-road right-of-way that provide off-road access to rail stations, bus stops, ferry landings, other trails, or connect schools or business to residential areas.

Control and removal of outdoor advertising

Removal of billboards.

Archaeological planning and research

Research, interpretation, and documentation of transportation facilities.

Mitigation of water pollution due to highway runoff or reduce vehicle-caused wildlife mortality while maintaining habitat connectivity

Activities to minimize, correct, or collect stormwater runoff from transportation facilities that are not required as part mitigation for a programmed or planned facility. Wildlife undercrossing projects that will reduce the level of road-kill suffered by wildlife species that are identified federally, or by states, as "threatened" or "endangered".

Establishment of transportation museums

Construction for the display of historical transportation artifacts and the description and interpretation of transportation history, in buildings primarily designed and dedicated to transportation history. Adding a minor transportation section to a museum dedicated to other activities does not qualify for funding. All funds collected from fees must be used for maintaining the facility. (Inclusion of more than small concessions, for visitor only use, will make the project ineligible for reimbursement.)

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