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Transportation Enhancement Program

Approval Process

Proposal Review

The following is the sequence of reviews proposals receive before a funding decision is made. The potential project sponsor may be invited to give a short presentation of the proposal at any stage of the review process.

Screening by SHA staff

Project estimates and proposed activities will be reviewed for eligibility and adherence to criteria. Proposals that are incomplete, do not have reasonable cost estimates, or do not have sufficient design detail, will be returned to project sponsors. Acceptance of a project proposal is not a commitment of funding.

Transportation Enhancement Program Technical Committee

Eligible proposals with complete information will be reviewed by the Transportation Enhancement Program Technical Committee, which consists of staff representatives of the Transportation Enhancement Program’s Executive Committee. Recommendation for approval by the Technical Committee is not a commitment of funding.

Transportation Enhancement Program Executive Committee

Project proposals will be forwarded to the Executive Committee, with recommendations for approval, partial approval, or rejection. The Executive Committee consists of the following:

  • the Secretary and/or Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation;
  • the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources;
  • the State Highway Administrator;
  • the Mass Transit Administrator; and
  • the State Historic Preservation Officer.

Until the Executive Committee has published its decision, a project is not considered to have received an award. Support by one or more of the members of either the Technical Committee or the Executive Committee does not constitute a funding commitment.

Sponsor Notification

A letter from the Governor of Maryland or the Secretary of MDOT will be sent to the chief elected officials of the jurisdiction of an approved project.

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