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Transportation Enhancement Program

The Proposal - Cost

Project Funding and Costs - Required Information

  • Costs associated with the proposed Transportation Enhancement Program funded portion of the project shall be delineated in spreadsheet format that identifies:
    • Total project costs
    • Locally funded activities (at least 50 percent of total eligible costs);
    • Enhancement Program funded activities and costs;
    • Cash match of 20 percent of the total of Transportation Enhancement Program reimbursable costs (required)
    • Sources of matching funds
  • If potential project sponsor is not a public agency, a letter must be provided from a public agency that has agreed to be a cosponsor.
  • Explain how the project fits into the master plan for the area.
  • See The Match for additional information

Important note to potential project sponsors

  • The Transportation Enhancement Program award is fixed based on the cost estimate in the project proposal. If costs increase, then those costs are the responsibility of the project sponsor.
  • Project design activities are the responsibility of the project sponsor.
  • If property acquisition is to be used for the match, the project sponsor must also commit the required 20 percent of construction costs in cash.
  • If property acquisition is to be used to meet the match requirements, the project sponsor should conduct a title search and supply current independent appraisals before submitting a proposal.
  • Minimum total cost for construction projects are $20,000 each. Smaller projects are not cost effective for sponsors.
  • A maximum of 10 percent (of construction costs) will be allowed for project amenities

Cost Criteria

Proposed projects will be screened and selected for funding based on the following criteria:


  • Matching funds committed and documented in the local jurisdiction’s budget. A letter from the financial officer of the appropriate jurisdiction certifying funds are available for the match may also be used.

Selection preference is given to the following

  • Projects with higher than minimum matching ratios.

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